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Hanukkah The Festival of Lights

Why is Hanukkah the Festival of Lights?

The origins of this term "the Festival of Lights" are quite old, going back to the Jewish historian Josephus Flavius. He lived in Jerusalem in the first century of the Common Era.

"And so Judah and his fellow citizens celebrated the festival of the restoration of the sacrifices of the Temple for eight days ... and they honored God, and delighted themselves with psalms of praise and the playing of harps. 

They were so very glad to regain their right to worship, that they made it a law for their posterity that they should keep a festival celebrating the restoration of their Temple worship for eight days. And from that time to this we celebrate this, which we call the Festival of Lights, because, I imagine, beyond our hopes this right was brought to light, and so this name was placed on the festival."

The common story focuses on the miracle of a tiny jar of oil lasting for eight days. It is that miracle that is normally invoked as explanation for the eight days of the festival and the eight candles of the Hanukkah menorah. 

But, Josephus makes no mention of the miracle of the oil and speculates that the name comes from the fact that the right to worship and sacrifice again in the ancient temple was “brought to light.”

The most prominent and best-known symbol of the holiday is the menorah — the eight-armed candelabra (nine if you count the shamash). And it is the menorah lights that we typically think of when we call Hanukkah the Festival of Lights. Which is no surprise, given that Hanukkah typically falls around the darkest part of the year.

According to Josephus, it is not the physical lights of the holiday that we are commemorating, but the restoration of the ancient temple practices that, thanks to the courage of the Maccabees, was again “brought to light.”

What's your favorite Hanukkah tradition?

Source: My Jewish Learning

Friday, November 19, 2021

Forget the Black Friday crowds! Shop for Black Friday in your PJs

Get ready to Shop for Black Friday in your PJs

Do your Holiday Shopping with me and buy meaningful, handmade gifts for your friends, family members and even yourself. 

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Holiday Gifts

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Christmas Crystal Earrings

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Jewelry Storage

Jewelry  Packages

When you receive a jewelry order from LinorStore, you'll find it wrapped in:

  • A plastic jewelry bag
  • Bubble wrap
  • Tissue paper

When at all possible, store your sterling silver jewelry in an airtight container. That can be a ziploc bag, a jewelry box, a tupperware or anything that has a tight seal. 

Keep jewelry dry. Moisture is the main factor that speeds up the tarnishing process.

Do not store your jewelry in your bathroom. Humidity in the air will facilitate the reaction that causes the tarnish.

Wrapped package

A fabric jewelry pouch 

Found some jewelry boxes and an earrings display I'd like on Amazon. You know, it's like the story of the shoemaker, my storage for earrings is lacking. 

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Jewelry Storage

Silver jewelry does best when it’s stored in a jewelry box lined with felt. The felt helps absorb excess moisture and prevent premature tarnishing. For some large pieces, it might be best to keep them stored separately inside a felt pouch or wrapped in a silver polishing cloth to limit exposure to the air. In this case, you’ll have to remember what you have and make a conscious choice to wear it. Even with proper storage, silver jewelry will require regular polishing at least twice a year to remove tarnish. Don’t overpolish silver jewelry because this can also cause damage.

Fine jewelry should be kept in a secure location so that it’s less susceptible to burglary. It’s also essential to store fine jewelry away from direct sunlight because some stones can become damaged by prolonged exposure to UV light. Not all fine jewelry needs to be put away. Have a place on your dresser or nightstand where you can keep jewelry you wear every day like your engagement ring or diamond studs. Get in the habit to always put your jewelry away in the same spot so that it’s less likely to get lost.

Fine jewelry storage tips:

  • Store fine jewelry in a way that the pieces do not touch each other. Diamonds are capable of scratching other stones and metals.
  • Keep pearls inside a wooden box that has a felt lining. Never store pearls inside a plastic bag or box because plastic can interact with the pearls and cause them to deteriorate.
  • Keep fine jewelry inside a safe or another inconspicuous place.
Show me how you store your jewelry! 

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Be Ready, The Black Friday Event Is Coming!

Be Ready, The Black Friday Event Is Coming!

For Black Friday, I'm having a special promotion for my LinorStore VIPs. 

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Breast Cancer Research Donations

October:  Breast Cancer Research Donations

Giving back: In October, when you buy any Pink or Red design from me, I'll donate 10% of my profit to Living Well Cancer Resource Center in Geneva. They helped me immensely when I was first diagnosed and I want to make sure others have the same opportunity. 

Pink Leah Name Bracelet

Pink Leah Name Bracelet

Pink Hope Cancer Earrings

I'd love to hear about your cancer stories. Simply comment to share with me. 

P.S. Please purchase in my Etsy Shop by Oct 30.

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Friday, October 15, 2021

Jewelry for Fall

Jewelry for Fall

The air is crisp, leaves are falling off the trees. The leaves and trees turn colorful and I love it when they do. 

Color combinations are a mix of green, yellows, rust, browns, and reds.

Check out some of my favorites:

Inspiration: My color inspiration was a bumblebee or yellowjacket bee for this asymetrical necklace set. I used yellow glass round beads, amber quartz gemstones, black crystal rondelles and a beautiful glass pendant featuring gold, black and other beautiful colors. The translucence of the amber crystal beads makes them sparkle when the light hits them. This is a fabulous piece to add to your fall jewelry.

Imagine yourself wearing a sleeveless black top and a pair of capris. Earrings are included but not shop in this image. 

The bronzite colors add a touch of nature-inspired beauty to your look. Women who love the earthtones color palette will appreciate the two-tone brown and bronze colors of this bronzite pendant and matching wire wrapped agate beads.

Bronzite gives you courage and self-confidence
- promotes peace and harmony
- increases compassion and forgiveness

Inspiration: The rich green cross pendant. 

This Cross Necklace makes an excellent gift for a woman of faith, a Christian woman, a family member or even for yourself.

The green agate bloodstone gemstones are earthy You can wear this necklace from the office to after-hours easily and stylishly.

Green Agate Cross Necklace Set

If you wear neutral colors and want a necklace that is a different design than what you'd see in the stores. Wearing this Amber Horizontal Necklaces makes you feel regal and positive. I've paired it with a brown scoop neck top and it looks beautiful.

Amber characteristics: 
Brings a care free, sunny disposition
Promotes good luck and success
Dissolves oppositions

Inspiration: The rich green cross pendant. 

Which one of these necklaces is your favorite and why?

P.S. Reminder: We're donating in October 

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Hanukkah Jewelry Gift Collection

My Hanukkah Jewelry Gift Collection 

Updated 10/21

You'll be wearing and gifting artisan-crafted Jewish jewelry that are unique design versus mass-produced jewelry. 

You'll receive above-average customer service. 

Give this Dreidel Necklace as a Chanukah gift - A Hanukkah Dreidel Charm on a black cord. 

Click on the images for more information. 

One of my best selling bracelets is this Hanukkah Charm Bracelet with a stretchy cord and 7 Jewish Charms: a menorah, dreidel, Torah, Tree of Life, Shabbat Candles, Hamsa, and Star of David.

You can be unique with these best-selling Hanukkah Menorah and Dreidel Earring Set with mixed or matching Chanukkah charms.

Last year, these light blue beaded Chanukah earrings were popular, so they're in stock and ready to mail. 

This shiny metallic Chanukah bracelet has 7 charms. 

Get a new womans silver wire, blue and white kippah, with Israeli and Chanukah colors. 

Decorations on Amazon (I'm an affiliate) 

In Chicago, the expression is "vote early, vote often. For the holidays, I'm changing it to "shop early and shop often." 

You know about the US Post Office, right? There are delays normally, and the holiday season might mean more delays. Place your orders for Hanukkah by November 10 to ensure delivery before Hanukkah starts. 

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Hanukkah The Festival of Lights

Why is Hanukkah the Festival of Lights? The origins of this term "the Festival of Lights" are quite old, going back to the Jewish ...